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  • Wobide Machinery


    The company has 8 sets of CNC machine, the core components are all internally processed, which can guarantee the quality of the products better.

  • Wobide Machinery

    Semifinished products

    The segmented streamline operation not only improves efficiency, but also ensures the consistency of quality.

  • Wobide Machinery

    Finished products

    Standardized batch production to produce higher-quality and lower-priced products with higher efficiency.

Benefits from Partnering with Us

  • Fast Response and Delivery

    We provide one-on-one full service. We respond quickly and provide samples momentarily. Due to smart manufacturing, we are able to finish the production in timely manner.

  • Reliable Quality

    We provide smart monitoring during the production. The entire production process is strictly following ISO9000 standard.

  • Continuous Innovation

    We provide one of a kind product solution. Due to our continuous innovation on materials, structure, and finishing, we are able to make your product uniquely outstanding.

  • Eco-friendly

    We provide eco-friendly materials. Together with energy saving production process, we do our best to minimize the waste and protect the environment.

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