• circule background Shredder

    Our solid waste recycle machinery


    Wobide industrial shredders consume an electrical charge to shred paper, plastic, aluminum, or tin, ...

  • circule background Plastic Crusher

    Our solid waste recycle machinery

    Plastic Crusher

    The best quality Plastic Crusher machines are capable of producing very smooth cuts. The best way to...

  • circule background Recycling Washing Line

    Our solid waste recycle machinery

    Recycling Washing Line

    The Recycling Washing Line can be used for all sorts of bottles packaging applications. It can be a ...

  • circule background Granulator

    Our solid waste recycle machinery


    A plastic granulator is an industrial machine utilized for breaking down plastic materials into smal...


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One-stop Solution For solid waste Machinery

Our shredder and crusher covers most of the solid waste recycle industry. We understand the challenges of different industries and can provide the most suitable industrial shredders and crushers for your specific industry.

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    Pre-Sale Services.

    Wobide provides specialized integrated solutions for customers to ensure it meets the customer’s requirement.

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  • Installation Services icon

    Installation Services.

    We provide complete installation and commissioning services for customers to ensure smooth operation of production lines. In addition, we provide appropriate trainings for customers to achieve their satisfaction.

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  • Spare Parts icon

    Spare Parts Supply

    Wobide has a complete warehouse of spare parts. High-quality spare parts ensure the safe and stable operation of equipment. We also provide accurate assessment of spare parts' consumption to ensure successful implementation of production plan.

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  • Reconstruction Project icon

    Reconstruction Project

    Based on our many years' experience on market development and project management, we provide specialized reconstruction services of production line for customers. Replacing old equipment with high-quality equipment greatly increases the output of production lines so that the customers can obtain huge return from relatively limited investment.

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